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Senior Data Engineer Philadelphia, PA

TalentFleX Solutions, a leading Business & Technology consulting firm, is actively recruiting a Senior Data Engineer for a client in the Philadelphia area. The client seeks a capable Senior Data Engineer (already certified on Google Cloud Platform) for a consulting engagement to help develop their new Google Cloud data platform.


  • Document and support redesign of existing end to end data flow to support short and long term growth objectives and to communicate potential issues and impacts of approach.
  • Refactor existing data pipelines (mostly in Airflow) for automation, scalability, extensibility, and transparency
  • Support the buildout of our new GCP data platform and collaborate on architectural patterns for it with the Data Engineering team
  • Support the development of machine learning models with productionizing, monitoring and alerting tools
  • Implement continuous improvements using our existing tools/technologies, which include SQL, Airflow, Python, Docker/Kubernetes, and others such as Terraform and Apache Beam. May also be expected to research and select other tools when the situation demands
  • Consult to software engineers on data-related changes to suite of software applications, including schema/model design, table structure, and data collection
  • Engage with colleagues and collaborators using curiosity, critical thinking, a drive to completion, empathy, and a focus on impact
  • Extend data access and performance design standards for the data platform, software engineering, and all products and services accessing information
  • Knowledge Transfer/Coach Data Science and Data and Technology Teams On Both Existing Environments, Enhancements and Recommended Modifications to ensure ongoing internal knowledge as well as future enhancements, maintenance and support.


  • Communication and Relationship-building – with technical and non-technical peers
  • Google Cloud Platform Data Engineering Certification– completed
  • Data Modeling and Warehousing – proficient understanding of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured (big data) schemas
  • Cloud-based Solution Implementation, of data platforms and infrastructure, extending current event-driven architectures, microservices and pattern design, supporting compliance and regulated environments (including PII and PHI)
  • Workflow and pipeline development to ensure reliability, availability, and consistency
  • Systems Engineering – on-system service management, typically in *nix environments
  • Automation, monitoring, and alerting – extends existing patterns for these tools
  • Data Encapsulation & Transfer methodologies – understands standards for file formats and transfer methods
  • Ability to effectively provide Knowledge Transfer/Coaching – to ensure internal education and knowledge transfer to both technical and non-technical teams
  • Also interested in relevant experience including: BI implementations/uplifts (we currently use Looker) and/or Data Governance models and methods; Machine learning techniques, productionizing machine learning models, and/or creating models

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